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Elina Alayeva
Interim Executive Director

Elina expands the organization’s impact by overseeing strategy, development, operations, and new partnerships.
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Angela Duffy
Communications Manager

Angela uses her experience in marketing, communications, external relations, and social media as Springpoint's marketing manager.
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Tasha Kellett
Program Associate

Tasha comes to Springpoint with experience in communications, program coordination, public policy, and teaching.
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Matthew Pilarski
Senior Director

Matthew is an experienced educator, most recently working with TNTP as a Partner on TNTP’s Client Team.
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JoEllen Lynch

JoEllen Lynch founded Springpoint in order to support the design and launch of new, innovative public high school models.
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Victoria Crispin
Senior Director

Victoria leverages her experience in project management, school-based programming and operations, and positive youth development as Springpoint's Director of Network Programs & Engagement.
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Shantel Gamble
Manager, School Design

Shantel’s experiences in the nonprofit sector, passion for positive youth development, and skills in program design fuel her work at Springpoint
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Corinda Lubin-Katz
Program Associate

Corinda has experience in event planning, program development, operational support, and project management.
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Sam Sherwood
Director, Instruction and School Design

Sam pulls from her roles as a Principal and classroom teacher—as well as her experience in data systems and public policy—to support Springpoint's partners in school design and instruction.
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Collaborators & Funders

Springpoint benefits from the invaluable support of our collaborators and funders. We work closely with these organizations to realize our shared mission: a superior education for all students.

Springpoint is incubated at the National Center for Civic Innovation.